Action Committee

The action commission plans actions to raise awareness for present human rights issues like the unjustified imprisonment of activists or government policies aimed at cutting human rights down. The commission works with the board and other members to carry out the events.  

Lecture- and Debate Committee

This committee organizes lectures and debates on topics that are related to human rights. The purpose is to inform the students and to spark a debate on the issue whereby deeper reflection on the issue in stimulated.

Writing Committee

Since its establishment, writing letters is one of the central activities of Amnesty International. These letters can be addressed to prisoners to show them solidarity. They can also be addressed to governments or institutions to create pressure and to raise awareness for humen rights violations. The writing commission picks out cases for the amnesty evenings and organizes writing events such as the writing marathon on the 10th of December. 

Social Committee



Do you want to help organize events for members? This committee organizes events for the members. In total we are with around 40 members. Help organizing dinners, pub quizzes, movie nights for our members!




The Book Club

The Book Club is not really a committee, but a little club consisting of a few members who read human rights related books. We discuss them together after reading them. Books are for example The Handsmaid's Tale or I am Malala. You are always welcome to join the group.

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